Work With Me

I am:

A Certified Creativity Coach
A Certified Master Spirit Coach
Reiki Practitioner – level 1 & 2

A Labyrinth facilitator
A Meditation and mindfulness teacher
Contemplative photographer

A Mixed media artist

My services include:

Creativity and Spiritual Coaching – in person, on Skype and through email.
Reiki sessions – distance and in person.
Labyrinth workshops at my home for individuals or small groups up to 4.
Meditation and mindfulness classes and workshops in person and on Skype.

How I'm different:

I believe everything starts with stillness. It's from the quiet centre of ourselves that we can know our own authenticity and creativity.

I believe in creating quiet in our noisy world.
And I believe that creativity and self expression can heal us and our world.

By supporting you to create quiet in your busy life I will help you clarify your goals and work towards whatever is most real, authentic and joyful for you.

During our work together I will help you get still and centered in your body so you can access all the wisdom your spirit and body have to share with you.

Whether you're working on a book, a work of art, creatively blocked and looking to get unstuck, or running a business. I would love to support you in creating your next project or creating the life of your dreams.